Air New Zealand


London +100 Kilos @ FJD$7.20/Kilo ( Approx US$4.18/Kilo, or US$1.90perLb )

Singapore +100 Kilos @ FJD$5.45/Kilo ( Approx US$3.16/Kilo, or US$1.44perLb )

Auckland +100 Kilos @ FJD$2.05/Kilo

Sydney +100 Kilos @ FJD$3.20/Kilo

Japan (Narita) +100 Kilos @ FJD$7.88/Kilo ( Approx US$4.57/Kilo )

Add 3% Freight Brokers Fee to all US Dollar Freight rates                                                               Add 5% Freight Brokers Fee to all Fiji Dollar freight rates

N.B. These rates are inclusive of Fuel and War Risk surcharges, and although we try to give accurate information, it may change  from time to time by the airlines