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Click on the names for pictures of fish, anything in black is still unavailable, but will be included soon. Names in italics are the scientific names, bold lettering are the official common names, in brackets are other known common names.                                                                                             


amphiprion bicinctus / two banded anemone fish (blueline clown)

amphiprion frenatus  / red clown (tomato clown)

amphiprion perideraion / false skunkstriped anemonefish (pink skunk clown)


abudefduf saxatilis / sergent major

chromis viridis / blue green reeffish

chromis dimidiata / bicolor chromis

chromis sp. / dark blue chromis

chrysiptera talboti  / talbotís demoiselle

chrysiptera taupou / fiji devil

dascyllus aruanus / white tailed damsel

dascyllus reticulatus / reticulated damsel

dascyllus trimaculatus / three spot damsel

paprglyphidodon lacrymatus / jewel damsel

plectroglyphidodn dickii / narrow bar damsel

pygmy angels

centopyge bicolor / bicolor angel

centropyge bispinosus / coral beauty

centropyge flavissimus / lemon peel angel

large angels

apolemichthys trimaculatus  / three spot angel

pygoplites diacanthus / regal angel

pomacanthus imperator / emperor angelfish

pomacanthus semicirculatus / koran angelfish


chaetodon auriga  / threadfin butterfly

chaetodon bennetti / bennetís butterfly

chaetodon baroness / baroness butterfly

chaetodon citirnellus / citron butterfly

chaetodon ehippium / saddleback butterfly

chaetodon klieni / klienís butterfly

chaetodon lunula / raccoon butterfly

chaetodon melannotus / black-back butterfly

chaetodon mertensii / mertens butterfly

chaetodon pelewnesis / sunset butterfly

chaetodon plebeius / blue blotched butterfly

chaetodon rafflesi / raffles butterfly

chaetodon trifascaitus / melon butterfly

chaetodon trifascialis / chevron butterfly

chaetodon vagabundus / vagabond butterfly

forcipiger longirostris / black longnosed butterfly


amanses scopas / broom filefish

pervagor melanocephalus / redtail filefish

oxymonacanthus longirostris / longnosed filefish


heniochus acuminatus / bannerfish

heniochus chrysostomus / 3band pennant coralfish                         

heniochus monoceros / masked bannerfish

heniochus varius / humphead bannerfish

zanclus canescens / moorish idol


canthigaster coronata  / four-barred toby

canthigaster margaritata / pearl toby

canthigaster solandri / false-eye toby

canthigaster valentini / black saddled toby

paraluterus prionurus / valentini mimic

arothron hispidus / stars & stripes puffer

arothron mappa / scribbled toadfish

arothron nigropunctatus / black-spotted puffer (dog face puffer)

arothron nigropunctatus / black-spotted puffer (dog face puffer yellow)

arothron stellatus / starry puffer


corytoichthys intestinalis / australian banded pipefish

doryhamphus excisus / bluestripe pipefish


ostracion cubicus / polka dot boxfish


cirripectes sp. / blenny sp.

ecsenius bicolor / bi-color  blenny

ecsenius sp. / blenny sp.

salarias fasciatus / jewelled rockskipper

meiacanthus oualanensis / oualan forktail blenny (canary  blenny)


pseudanthias pleurotaenia / purple blotch basslet

pseudanthias squammipinnis / red lyretail coral fish (male)

pseudanthias squammipinnis / red lyretail coral fish ( female )

pseudanthias truncatus / truncate fairy basslet


cephalopholis urodelus / banded-tail coral cod (texas flagtail grouper)             

epinephelus merra / honey comb grouper

grammistes sexlineatus / six  stripe soapfish

surgeons & tangs

acanthurus glaucopareius / gold rimmed surgeon

acanthurus lineatus / clown surgeonfish

acanthurus nigrofuscus / spot cheeked surgeonfish

acanthurus olivaceus / orange-epaulette surgeonfish

acanthurus pyroferus / chocolate tang

acanthurus triostegus / convict surgeonfish

ctenochaetus sp. / bristletooth sp.

naso lituratus / lipstick tang

zebrasoma scopas / brown tang

zebrassoma veliferum / pacific sailfin tang


anampses meleagrides / yellowtail tamarin

anampses neoguinaicus / new guinea tamarin

anampses twisti / yellow breasted tamarin

cirrhilabrus sp. / fairy wrasse sp.

coris  aygula / clown coris (twinspot wrasse)

coris gaimard / clown wrasse

epibulus insidiator / sling jaw wrasse

gomphosus caeruleus / blue bird  wrasse

gomphosus varius / bird wrasse

halichoeres argus / argus wrasse

halichoeres biocellatus / red lined wrasse

halichoeres  hoeveni / yellow-lined wrasse

halichoeres  hortulanus / checkerboard wrasse

halichoeres  marginatus / dusky wrasse

halichoeres  melanurus / orange tipped rainbowfish

halichoeres  nebulosus / picture wrasse

halichoeres  ornatissimus / red checkerboard wrasse

halichoeres prosopeion / purple headed wrasse

hemigymnus fasciatus / barred thicklip wrasse

hemigymnus melapterus / half and half thicklip wrasse

labrichthys unilineatus / tube lip wrasse

labroides dimidiatus / bluestreak cleaner wrasse

macropharyngodon meleagris / guinea fowl wrasse (leopard wrasse)

macropharyngodon ornatus / ornate wrasse

novaculichthys taeniourus / dragon wrasse

stethojulis balteata / orange band wrasse

stethojulis bandanensis / orange Ėaxel wrasse

pseudocheilinus hexataenia / six stripe wrasse

thalassoma hardwicke / sixbar wrasse

thalassoma jansenii / jansenís wrasse

thalassoma lunare / lyretail wrasse

thalassoma lutescens / yellow wrasse


bodianus macrourus / blackfin hawkfish

bodianus mesothorax / eclipse hawkfish


echidna nebulosa / snowflake moray eel

gymnomurena sp. / moray eel

gymnothorax zebra / zebra moray *


abalistes stellatus / starry triggerfish

balistapus undulates / lined triggerfish

balistoides conspicillum / clown triggerfish *

rhineacanthus aculeatus / picasso triggerfish

rhineacanthus rectangulus / rectangle triggerfish

sufflamen bursa / boomerang triggerfish

sufflamen chrysopterus / half moon triggerfish


dendrochirus biocellatus / twin spotlined fish

dendrochirus zebra /zebra lionfish

pterois antennata / spotted fin lionfish

pterois miles / dwarf lionfish

pterois radiata / whitefin lionfish

pterois s volitans / turkey lionfish

scorpaenodes sp. / scorpion fish


parupeneus atrocingulatus / three striped goat fish

parupeneus barberinoides / bi-color goat fish

parupeneus cyclostomus / yellow saddled goat fish

parupeneus multifasciata / many banded goat fish

gobyís & gudgeons

ambygobius phalaena / banded goby

evides ptereleotris / spottail gudgeon

gobiodon  sp. / yellow,red,green goby

nemateleotris magnifica / fire fish

paragobiodon  echinocephalus / black goby

valenciennea longipinnis / ocellated gudgeon

valenciennea puellaris / pretty prawn goby

valenciennea sexguttata / ladder glider

valenciennea strigata / pennant glider (golden jawhead)


cirrhitichthys falco / falco hawkfish

neocirrhitus armatus / brilliant red hawkfish (flame hawk)

paracirrhites arcatus / arc-eyed hawk fish

paracirrhites forsteri / forsterís hawkfish


neoniphon sp. / squirrel fish sp.

sargocentron sp. / squirrel fish sp.

myripristis sp. / soldier fish sp.


lo uspi / uspi spinefoot (fiji foxface)

siganus chrysospilos / gold-spotted spine foot

siganus virgatus / double barred spinefoot (rabbit fish)


apogon cyanosoma / gold striped cardinal fish

apogon leptacanthus / long spine cardinal fish

apogon sangiensis / bar-cheeked cardinal fish

archamia lineolata / bronze streaked cardinal fish

fowleria variegata / variegated cardinal fish

sphaeramia sp. / like polka dot cardinal fish


chaetodonoides plectorhinchus / harlequin sweetlip (clown sweetlip)

synchiropus sp. / dragonet

taenianotus triacanthus / sailfin leaffish *




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